The digital revolution has profoundly changed the way we do just about everything and has fundamentally changed the way we market to and communicate with people.

Branding ◆ Social Media ◆ Lead Generation

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Who Is

Honeymilk Marketing is a full-service marketing agency primarily working with Realtors and the real estate industry. We take a unique community-focused approach using modern marketing tools to more effectively reach your target audiences. By creating effective strategies on digital platforms, we meet people where they are, draw them to you, and generate plenty of real estate leads, sales, and referrals.

How We Make It Happen


Your brand is the cohesive combination of design, storytelling, and experience. Together they combine to evoke a feeling with your target audience, influence them to engage with you, and ultimately buy, sell or invest with you. Refreshing your brand will help achieve the right ‘vibe’, draw in your target audience, and set up the community-focused marketing strategies to work synergistically.

Our Services

◆ Develop Brand Identity
◆ Community-Focused Naming
◆ Secure Domain Name

Our Services

◆ Optimize Social Media Business Pages
◆ Develop Social Media Editorial Calendar
◆ Create Social Graphics + Copy
◆ Research Relevant Hashtags
◆ Schedule + Post to Social Business Pages
◆ Monitor + Respond to Viewer Comments
◆ Boost Followers
◆ Guide Realtor on Social Media Prospecting + Group Usage

Social Media

It is essential to have a social media presence that is consistent and community-focused to get more reach, engagement, and ultimately leads. Using the proper mix of relevant content, you can generate tons of leads and prospects on social media.

Our Services

◆ Optimize Social Media Business Pages
◆ Develop Social Media Editorial Calendar
◆ Create Social Graphics + Copy
◆ Research Relevant Hashtags
◆ Schedule + Post to Social Business Pages
◆ Monitor + Respond to Viewer Comments
◆ Boost Followers
◆ Guide Realtor on Social Media Prospecting + Group Usage

Lead Generation

Having an ongoing lead generation program and capturing the leads is key to keeping your sales funnel full. Targeting active buyers and sellers through Facebook and Instagram ads is an effective method to attract and convert a prospect. These leads need to seamlessly flow into your customer relationship management (CRM) system, making it easy to follow up with the leads properly.

Our Services

◆ Create Social Ad Account
◆ Select Target Audiences
◆ Place Social Media Ads
◆ Create Branded Single Property Landing Pages + Lead Generation Forms
◆ Create + Manage CRM Account
◆ Create + Launch Email Drip Campaigns to New Leads + Sphere
◆ Link CRM Accounts + MLS to Lead Software Program

Our Services

◆ Create Effective Buyer + Seller Email Campaigns
◆ Research + Compile a List of Weekly Happenings Around Your Town
◆ Create Branded Weekly Guide of Local Events
◆ Schedule + Launch Weekly Guide to New Leads + Sphere
◆ Create Branded Monthly Industry News Updates
◆ Schedule + Launch Market Update to New Leads + Sphere

Follow Up

The fortune is in the follow-up! Once new leads come in, warming them up to you is vital in the nurturing process. We know how to market to these new leads as well as your sphere until they are ready to buy, sell or invest with you. We showcase you as the knowledge broker by creating valuable content in the form of Buyer and Seller drip email campaigns, Weekly Guides, and Monthly Market Updates. People love receiving these and rarely opt-out.

Our Services

◆ Branded Weekly Guides
◆ Research + Compile a List of Weekly Happenings Around Town
◆ Schedule + Launch the Weekly Guide Every Thursday to Your Entire Database
◆ Branded Monthly Industry News Updates Launched Every Month to Your Entire Database


The website is the hardest working tool in your digital marketing tool belt. It is the hub for all other marketing tactics used in a modern marketing plan. Social media, blogs, organic searches, emails, print materials, and ads drive traffic to your website. Websites that are community-focused, aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and have content relevant to your target market make for a highly effective website.

Our Services

◆ Design Custom + Community-Focused Website
◆ Develop Content Strategy + Infrastructure
◆ CRM Data Integration
◆ IDX Pages with MLS Integration
◆ Responsive for Mobile Devices
◆ Search Engine Optimization
◆ Site Tracking with Google Analytics
◆ Blog Content Creation to Drive Traffic


The way we communicate with people has forever changed, and the truth is that Realtors are now forced to become better marketers so they can compete with online sites, other agents, and flat-fee brokerages. It is all about capturing and owning your leads, then nurture them until they are ready to buy, sell or invest with you. Using community-focused strategies, we create digital experiences that inspire, educate and empower and thus, pull your clients further down the customer journey. This marketing style gives our clients transformational growth for their business.

There is a huge opportunity to build tons of great leads and turn them into clients. Let’s get started!

Meet The Founder

Yvette & Honeymilk

Yvette Savoy is the owner and founder of Honeymilk Marketing, a full-service marketing agency with an emphasis on digital and social media marketing. She helps businesses grow through lead generation and relationship building with a community-focused approach.

Born and raised in Louisiana and a Louisiana State University alum, she is a southern gal at heart with a passion for everything LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints. Geaux Saints! Her adventurous spirit led her to create a life in several places, like St. Louis, Missouri, where she graduated with a business degree from Meramec College. She then landed in sunny Southern California, where she began her career as an advertising executive at dGWB Advertising, an award-winning agency in Irvine, California.  Working on B2B and consumer accounts like Western Digital, Orange County Transportation Authority, Glen Oaks Yogurt, and everything in between, Yvette has years of experience under her belt in the advertising and marketing world.

After marrying her Creative Director husband and having three beautiful kiddos, Yvette took time to raise her children and do what she called 'living her best life.' When the time came to get back in the game, technology had significantly changed the marketing world. Yvette was quick to immerse herself in the world of Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Advertising, and Google Analytics. She jump-started her career as the Digital Marketing Manager at Bridge Brand Lab in Newport Beach, California, overseeing digital marketing for clients in the building industry such as CalAtlantic Homes, Brookstreet Development, and Intracorp Homes.

In 2018, Yvette and her family moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, to create a better living environment for her family. She began to freelance for various clients in the Real Estate industry and soon carved out a niche by focusing primarily on Realtors. By January 2019, Yvette decided to go for it and form her own company, Honeymilk Marketing. By strategically utilizing digital and social media tools along with Honeymilk's unique community-focused approach to marketing, Honeymilk helps many real estate professionals all over the country grow their business.

Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything Yvette does, both professionally and personally. Yvette loves her role in organizing Food Drive events, Warm Coat collections, and City Beautification projects with her clients. Outside of work, she enjoys exploring Charlotte and hiking with her family.